And Then... Story Starter Cards

$ 24.95
Really beautiful, illustrated cards start a different kind of story, but the ending? That, my friend, is up to you.

Embark on a discovery in which you determine the next word, the next action, the next step. 20 unique story beginnings are kept safe in this absolutely gorgeous book-shaped case. Each card is brilliantly illustrated and full of mystery.

And then... decide. Will your story be long, short, at home, abroad, in this world or another, realistic or magical? Let your imagination take control, it knows what to do. Story Starters give kids the key to self-expression, creativity and confidence.

Pull this collection out at bedtime and have your child select a card for you to finish or finish one together. It's never the same story twice. Gather a group and take turns adding to the story. You'll be surprised at where you end up!

In the classroom, at home, in the car, with your children or grandchildren, embark on a journey of your own making. Find yourself in a tale where bubbles keep growing, a ringmaster needs your assistance, or a key makes you shrink.

Imagination doesn't pick and choose, everyone has it and everyone can put it to use. So go ahead, open the box, and then...

And Then... Story Starters
  • A collection of story beginnings, you make up the ending
  • Beautifully illustrated, large cards start stories - you and your child finish them
  • Kids and adults alike use imagination like never before
  • Inspire confidence, self-expression and creativity
  • Collection features 20 sturdy cards with story beginnings
  • Illustrations are brilliant and eye-catching
  • Cards are kept safe in gorgeous book-shaped case
  • Use in classroom, at home, in the car... anywhere
  • High quality for countless hours of use
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